Cabinet gives green light: Hartz-4-rule set will rise in 2017 to 409 euros

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Wednesday, 21.09.16 , written by Anja Schlicht The Federal Cabinet today gave the green light for the recalculation of Hartz-4 benefits. According to this, the standard rate for 2017 for sole beneficiaries of the unemployment benefit II will increase by five euros to 409 euros. Far too little, criticizes the Joint Welfare Association. According to him, the Hartz-4-rule rate would have to rise to 520 euros. >

Bundeskabinett verabschiedet Neuberechnung des Hartz 4 Regelsatzes 

The Federal Cabinet today approved the Hartz 4 increase in 2017. As a result, single beneficiaries will receive five euros more each month from next year. The standard rate is then 409 euros . Four Euro more per partner receive recipients of unemployment benefit II, who live together in a community of needs. Also for children there is more money from 1 January 2017 . The highest is the adjustment for 6 to 13-year-olds. In future they will receive 21 euros more and thus 291 euros from the Jobcenter.

Criticism of the new ruleset: Hartz-4 calculation is based on statistical arbitrariness

“With the new regulatory requirements, we follow a transparent procedure . We are adapting the services to what low earners have available and spend each month, “commented Labor Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) on the adjustment of the Hartz 4 rules. A very different opinion, however, represent some associations. Thus, the Joint Welfare Association accuses the Federal Ministry of Labor, “in the recalculation of rule sets arbitrary interference in the statistics made and calculated the result to 409 euros artificially small .” Many issues that have to do with social participation, were therefore deleted. “The rule set of the Federal Government simply limits the people, instead of at least on the most modest level to allow participation,” complains CEO Ulrich Schneider. According to calculations by the association, the Hartz 4 rule rate for adults from 2017 would have to amount to a total of 520 euros.

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Independent Commission demanded

Also the German trade union federation (DGB) exerts harsh criticism at the new height of the rule sentences. Thus, “statistical reckoning tricks are again used to determine the socio-cultural subsistence level,” complains CEO Annelie Buntenbach. The DGB calls for an independent expert commission to propose to the government how the rule rates are to be measured.

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