Payday loans through the Internet

Loans without a salary A loan without a salary receipt is in many cases the only way a person has access to a loan, either because their profession or activity is poorly paid, or is working irregularly, or has a pending debtor is a failure, for these reasons we have to know in the first place which are the most common requirements that we will be asked to access these loans:

  • Submit ID.
  • Submit Service Receipt on behalf of the applicant.

In some cases, the financial entities only request the presentation of the DNI. Personal loans offered by banks usually request the presence of a salary receipt, however, we have financial institutions that offer us credits without consulting the truth or submit a salary receipt such as Cash, among others. You can also find payday loans directly from Green-Touch through the Internet.

Another thing that we have to take into account is that the facilities or minimum requirements that are asked in these types of loans are usually a little more expensive than the personal loans offered by banks since as a rule, those who request these Types of loans are people who could not access a bank loan.

However, these loans are usually difficult to find nowadays as the main financial entities request more and more requirements in order to reduce the delinquency of their client portfolio.

Also the vast majority of banks and financial institutions usually consult the truthful in order to know the credit history of the applicant, so that people who do not apply to this requirement have no other option but to access this type of credit and they have to support an interest rate higher than the market average since otherwise they would not have access to credit.

The amounts usually offered in these credits usually do not exceed 100,000 pesos and the maximum cancellation period usually ranges between 3 years and 6 years maximum, the average fee for these credits is usually between 500 and 1,500 pesos, depending on the cancellation period agreed with the entity.

These loans usually have low monthly payments and average cancellation periods, as we said earlier since in shorter terms the fee should be higher and in longer cancellation periods financial institutions are at higher risk of default due to the nature of the credit.

Clients who apply to these loans usually have a difficult economic situation so they must accept the conditions offered and financial institutions know that they can not have a high monthly payment because in that case, the delinquency rate would increase.